Jan 142011





We recently made changes to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement affecting your Go Daddy® products and services. We are sending this email to all Go Daddy customers to make you aware of the following changes:

Section 1 (Overview)

We added language to provide that changes or modifications to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement will be effective upon posting to the Go Daddy website. You will be able to tell when the Agreement has been updated by looking at the “Last Revised” date at the top of the Agreement.

Section 8 (Additional Reservation of Rights)

We added language to assist with our fraud and abuse detection and prevention efforts.

Section 15 (Fees and Payments)

We added language to explain the differences between multi-currency product pricing and multi-currency transaction processing for products and services displayed on our website.

We updated the service fees associated with the “Pay By Check” payment option should your electronic check be returned unpaid.

Section 16 (Unclaimed Property; Dormancy Charges)

We added a new section to address the Revised Arizona Unclaimed Property Act.


我們最近對影響您產品和服務的TOS條款作了一些變動,我們將此郵件發送至所有Go Daddy客戶以令您瞭解以下變動:

第1則中,我們在網站中增加了條款的更新狀況,您可以查看條款頂部的“Last Revised”部分獲知條款何時被更新。

第8、15則中,Go Daddy增加了一些條款,要求客戶配合他們的欺詐與濫用檢測及預防工作;增加了條款以解釋了多個產品的價格差價問題;更新了“Pay By Check”(付款時檢查)的付款選項,客戶如果用電子付款後顯示未支付的話便可以使用。


第15則列出的情況我也遇到過,當時我用支付寳付款了,但Go Daddy卻顯示我未付款,於是找客服去問,1個小時後付款正常了,再過了一個小時,客服說是數據未及時傳遞過來就會出現這種情況,只要耐心等一等就好了。看來這種情況已經發生過很多次了。

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